A Caffe Cordina Christmas

The eagerly awaited season of gift-giving and good-tidings is finally upon us, and here at Caffe Cordina we are busier than ever. Our kitchens have quickly begun resembling Santa Clause’s workshop as the hustle and bustle steadily increases. The café is a perfect place to sit and enjoy the Christmas décor which colour the streets this time of year as the cosy environment and high spirits envelope you in this joyous occasion.

In typical traditional manner, Caffe Cordina has compiled party menus and fantastic ideas for the ultimate Yuletide event! Whilst paying homage to our heritage through the use of our original recipes, we have also created some new feasting concepts such as our festive cupcakes, doughnuts and cake pops, to name but a few. These freshly-baked doughnuts are coated in fine sugar and are the first of their kind to be decorated in a festive manner, sporting colours of green, red and white. The cupcakes are beautifully decorated with swirls of butter-cream icing, featuring gingerbread men, Santa Clause, Snowmen and Snowflakes.

The renowned Caffe Cordina Christmas logs and cakes will be available as usual, religiously keeping to our forefather’s unique methodology and instructions. These festive treats truly capture the excitement of this season in its warm aroma which fills the café this time of year. Serving as testimony to the true essence of Caffe Cordina, these seasonal delicacies will be freshly prepared everyday, ready to be collected from our counter.

As per usual, the Caffe Cordina Christmas hampers are bursting with traditional treats and are available in a variety of sizes, suiting all tastes and budgets. Give your hosts something they’ll surely savour this season… contact us today.