Celebrate Carnival with Caffe Cordina!


Our pâtissiers are hard at work as we gear up for the Carnival festivities. This year our menu sees the introduction of many new recipes and concepts which we are eager to release to the public. At Caffe Cordina our primary objective is to strike a balance between old and new; meaning that whilst paying homage to our heritage in all our daily practices, we also aspire to keep up to date with current market trends. Thus, we continue to provide our renowned desserts made according to the untouched recipes of our ancestors and simultaneously dedicate much time and effort to creating new flavours and exciting products.

This year we will be offering our traditional Prinjolata made using our original recipe which dates back to 18th Century. We are also offering innovative delicacies such as Minion character cookies of flavours peanut and caramel, and classic chocolate. A selection of marshmallow skewers are also available instore this Carnival, providing the perfect combination of crunchy and soft textures. These scrumptious delights are dipped in milk chocolate and coconut or caramelised peanuts, as well as coated in white chocolate and showered with colourful sprinkles.

Our well-received cake pops have returned to our counters with flavours ranging from red velvet with white chocolate, peanut and toffee with milk chocolate, and chocolate cake coated in dark chocolate. Our signature Perlini made of Avola almonds also make an appearance this year, along with our indulgent mini doughnuts with sweet strawberry jam filling.

Moreover, our cupcakes have taken on a fresh aesthetic too as we introduce new characters and motifs to the colourful mix. These come in an array of flavours including: tiramisu, rainbow, banana and toffee, red velvet, chocolate orange, vanilla and chocolate chips all coated in delicious buttercream or classic icing. Atop these delectable treats sit characters which vary from clowns, to superheroes, and of course, Disney princesses.

We have a few surprises up our sleeve for this wonderful occasion so keep an eye out for fantastic activities.