Easter at Caffe Cordina

When you think that the Cordina enterprise started in 1837, with just a donkey driven cart selling nougat, it is humbling to see what it has grown into today. Many things have changed since then, but one thing has remained consistently special at Caffe Cordina, and that is Easter. From massive intricately decorated Easter eggs that have become synonymous with the business at Easter time for years to the figolli, experiencing Caffe Cordina around this time of year is really something to behold.

Easter Eggs

Impress your friends with a different kind of chocolate egg to the norm: not only deliciously tasty, Caffe Cordina’s chocolate eggs are individually hand-decorated in two sizes and can be customised to include your own gift inside, ensuring the Easter egg you choose will be completely unique. Alternatively, if planning an Easter egg hunt for the little ones, make yours extra special by selecting from the cute, milk chocolate bunnies that have been crafted especially by Caffe Cordina using fine Belgian chocolate.

It wouldn’t be Easter in Malta without figolli and Caffe Cordina’s pastry chefs use only the finest ingredients such as pure almonds for the filling of their yearly offering, making them in four traditional animal shapes as well as our very own Maltese eight-pointed cross. These are also available as ‘figollini’ in bite sized portions to enjoy with your tea and coffee.

Figolli and Cakes

The ‘torta pastina’ – a sweet pastry dough cake filled with pure almonds and intricately decorated is always a popular item and is available in three versions this year. The classic covered in intertwining almond paste, a chocolate cream edition and peanut butter cream edition each decorated with chocolate mini eggs to fit the holiday. We’ve also gone and made Easter edition ‘kannoli’ giving a modern twist to a much-loved classic sweet. Similarly, at this time of the year, Caffe Cordina makes a special qassatat tal-helu, filled with sweet ricotta instead of savoury, and topped with a glacé cherry.

Qassatat tal-ħelu and Kannoli

Beautiful cheesecakes are a plenty this year combining black forest, lemon and strawberry flavours all into one cheesecake and stunningly decorated with edible flowers. Assorted flavours of duck macarons are available as singles or in packs of six along with yummy, hand decorated unicorn cookies for the kiddies. We’ve got three different swiss rolls on offer presented as a bunny, chick or sheep depending on your taste. Lastly this feast would not be complete without a proper cake, and what a cake we have for you. A vanilla cake in the form of an Easter egg filled and covered with vanilla buttercream and decorated with walnuts, it really is a sight to behold.

Cheesecakes and Macarons

Easter at Caffe Cordina – you can’t miss out.

Shapes and decorations may vary slightly. We can also deliver, with free delivery on orders of €25 or more.

Caffe Cordina Easter Treats