Villa Overhills, Birzebbugia

From an imposing portico, the interior of the Villa is immediately fascinating. The Villa was built by Englishmen at the beginning of the twentieth century and its architecture reflects the British influence on Architecture. It has two large original fireplaces, a large bar and a spacious interior. From a large magnificent hall one is led to a smaller one, to the left-hand side of the villa as one looks at it from the front.

The Villa is surrounded by very large gardens. In the back garden there is also a swimming pool and a wonderful British-style gazebo.

The gazebo in the back garden is built out of Maltese sedimentary stone – actually called “franka” in Maltese. It is a Greek-style gazebo with a Latin inscription on the front: AMOR VINCIT OMNIA (VIRGIL: LOVE CONQUERS ALL) Villa Overhills is an ideal venue for organizing your wedding reception. It is suitable all the year round with its large interior and large gardens. Make your wedding a fairy-tale wedding by having it at Villa Overhills.

Contact: Joseph Lija – 9947 8088