The Carnival Connection

The Carnival Connection

Caffe Cordina has been synonymous with the capital’s carnival celebration for years. Its towering prinjolata and masses of pastel coloured, sugar coated almonds (perlini) have become a firm favourite of many, both far and wide who look forward to the yearly tradition with joy. Prinjolata, Malta’s very own carnival cake, is a delicious mixture of cream, biscuits, citrus peel and Caffe Cordina’s secret blend of ingredients, topped off with melted chocolate, pine nuts, pistachios, meringue and glace cherries.

Prinjolata and Cupcakes

Pretty perlini in pastel pink, blue and white were traditionally only used for weddings (to throw at the bride and groom) and during carnival, but are now enjoyed and offered regularly throughout the year by Caffe Cordina. Our carnival offerings this year include our delicious cupcakes bursting with colour such as the red tulip: a red velvet cupcake filled with white chocolate as well as mini strawberry or chocolate doughnuts covered in sprinkles.

New additions this year include our delightful carnival jars, which look as good as they taste! Coming in three different flavours and colours, our jars are filled with layers of multi coloured cake, flavoured butter cream and filling such as our yellow jar, filled with banana butter cream and toffee! This year we have also decided to introduce our prinjolata in a cup, to enjoy on the go wherever your carnival adventures may take you. Back by popular demand are the buttery ‘Emoji’ cookies in scrumptious lemon, chocolate and peanut flavours.

Jars and Prinjolata in cups

Caffe Cordina’s carnival assortment is the perfect balance of time-honoured methods that it and its team have been known for since its inception the 19th century, and the innovation that it constantly strives to instil into its recipes till today. Caffe Cordina still remains the one stop shop for a fun and delicious carnival that’s steeped in heritage.

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