Valentine’s Day with Caffe Cordina

Show your valentine what a good catch you are by spoiling them silly with this year with our range of loved up hand-made goodies by Caffe Cordina. We’ve got something for all couples – be it young puppy love or love that has stood the test of time, get ready to be hit by Cupid’s arrow all over again with these treats. To begin, our jam tarts will surely please your Valentine made with vanilla biscuit in both strawberry and apricot flavours.

Set the mood with our ‘Love Bite’ macarons, in either strawberry or lemon flavour, neatly packaged with a ribbon for you and your crush to enjoy. Crack open a bottle of the good stuff and enjoy our delightful assortment of mini-muffins that come in banana cake filled with toffee, red velvet cake filled with white chocolate or vanilla cake filled with chocolate cream.

Bring out all the stops to show them they’re the only one for you this Valentine’s with our heart shaped cake, a vanilla cake filled with strawberries and strawberry cream, covered with a strawberry glaze. Relish in our rose cupcakes under our romantic décor, a chocolate cupcake filled with white chocolate cream and decorated with a beautiful buttercream rose.

Try something new this year with our ‘Love in a Jar’. 3 tiers of red velvet cake filled with strawberry cream and white chocolate buttercream stuffed in a pink jar they’ll surely be lusting over. Find the way to their heart with our heart mousse, a strawberry heart mouse covered with a strawberry nappage and filled with strawberries laid on a red joconde biscuit.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with Caffe Cordina, helping love stories blossom since 1837.

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